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A few things you should know about the timing of your reception.  Most wedding receptions are five hours. In a perfect world this is what you would expect. The first hour is cocktails.

The second hour is dinner. This sometimes runs over an hour with large weddings or weddings that have a split menu. You must also take into consideration the formalities such as introductions, formal dances, cake cutting and bouquet and garter ceremony. Set aside about a half hour for these formalities. This leaves you about two and one half hours for dancing. Remember this is in a perfect world.

At a wedding reception placement of guest is as important as the music you pick. You want to place older guest as far away from the speakers as possible.  Younger guest tend not stay at their table once dancing begins. You also want the disc jockey to be set up as close to the dance floor as possible.

Being in the entertainment industry for over thirty years, we have worked many different facilities. Although all weddings follow a natural flow of events each facility does things slightly different. We have experience with most of these facilities. Our professionalism in adapting to these differences makes us unique.

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